Music of the British Isles

About Us

Rod StradlingOur repertoire covers all styles of English and Scottish dancing and a range of other types of dance. We are all active dancers so we know what we like and aim to provide an enthusiastic performance for our dancers.

We will discuss your requirements with you and then agree on the most appropriate kind of band for your event. Normally we play as a 3-piece but we can play as a 2-piece for small events or residential courses. We can also provide a larger band for bigger occasions or when the musical content demands a greater range of instruments.

We can work with your caller or we can book one for you based on your requirements. We provide all the equipment that we need, including amplification. Our equipment is regularly PAT (safety) tested and insurance information can be provided if required. Where PA is being supplied, our PA requirements can be obtained here.

We require a safe, 13 Amp, earthed mains supply. A stage is always a good idea as it allows the audience to see the band and allows the caller to see what is going on in all parts of the dance-floor. We do have cables between our equipment and the mains supply so there should be no main entrance or exit-ways around the band to avoid a trip hazard. A reasonable level of lighting allows the dancers to see what is going on - and helps us to see the music!

We normally aim to arrive about an hour before we start to play to set up equipment and tune up. Normally we require about half an hour at the end of the evening to pack up. Being able to park near the stage entrance is always appreciated.

If you have any questions about your event or any special requirements, please get in touch. We will do our best to meet your needs.